Shopping In Jaipur – Handicrafts To Jewelry

1. Precious & Semi-Precious Stones

Shopping in Jaipur markets - Jaipuri bracelet

Jaipuri bracelet with peacock motif, made of lac and Kundan work

Historically, Jaipur has been home to royalty, it has been a city that cuts, polishes, and sets both precious and semi-precious stones. The city is famous for its diamonds, emeralds and topaz stones, and of particular note is the Kundan jewellery. You will fall in love with the intricate stonework of this style.

Where to go for precious and semi-precious stones shopping in Jaipur:

Bapu Bazaar, Saraogi Mansion basement and Johri Bazaar.

2. Blue Pottery

Shopping in Jaipur markets - blue pottery

Jaipur is known for its traditional craft of blue pottery

Drawing its inspiration from the Persians, blue pottery is a popular craft in Jaipur. If you observe the architecture of Rajasthani palaces closely, you will find traces of this craft. It is unlike any other kind of pottery found in the country because while other regions mainly use clay; Jaipur uses ground quartz stones to make blue pottery items.

Where to go for blue pottery shopping in Jaipur:

Jaipur Blue Pottery Art Centre, Near Jain Mandir, Amer Road.

3. Leather Products

Shopping in Jaipur markets - camel leather goods

Most of the markets in Jaipur will have a store that sells camel leather goods

Jaipur is well-known all over the country for its camel leather industry – so grab one of these leather products as a souvenir. Whether you want to buy wallets, shoes, sandals or bags, you will find plenty of styles and designs to choose from.

Where to go to leather products shopping in Jaipur:

Handicrafts Villa, Haldi Ghati Marg, Partap Nagar, Sanganer; S S Handicrafts, Jai Ambay Colony Harmada; Leather worls, Tara nagar.

4. Bandhej

Shopping in Jaipur markets -Bandhej

Bandhej is an indigenous artwork of Jaipur

If you are in a mood to buy clothes, the Bandhej (tie-and-dye) is a popular clothing item of Jaipur. This art form involves tying a cloth at different places and then using vibrant colours to dye it. When you open the cloth, you will find several fascinating patterns on it. Jaipur offers you Bandhej sarees, dress materials and dupattas/shawls. The best thing about Bandhej is that it is a classic; it will never go out of fashion!

Where to go for bandhej shopping in Jaipur:

M S Bandhani located at Chaura Rasta

5. Lac Bangles

Shopping in Jaipur markets - lac bangles

There is a wide variety of lac bangles found in Jaipur!

If you or someone you know loves accessories, lac bangles from Jaipur will be the perfect souvenir. These bangles are made from a sticky residue collected from trees, which is first melted and then made into bangles. This ethnic accessory is then decorated with different colours and other fancy embellishments. If you have to buy souvenirs for a lot of people, this is your perfect choice because it is very budget-friendly.

Where to go for bangles shopping in Jaipur:

Dulhan Bangles, Raghunath Puri, Jhotwara.

6. Jaipur Handicrafts – Puppets

 Shopping in Jaipur markets -String puppets

String puppets from Jaipur are the perfect souvenirs for kids

In Jaipur, no matter where you go, you will find loads of string puppets that are decorated in eye-catching colours. These figures have very delightful expressions on their faces and their vibrant colours will make them the perfect purchase for any children in your family.

Where to go for puppets shopping in Jaipur:

Puppet House, Hwa Sadak Road. And Suraj Surma, 174, Bapu Bazaar.

7. Silk Quilts

Shopping in Jaipur markets -Plain silk quilts

Plain silk quilts in Jaipur

This historic city is renowned for its beautifully made silk quilts. If you have decided to only choose one souvenir to buy from Jaipur, pick these quilts and you will not regret your decision. The traditional designs on the silk quilts here cannot be found anywhere else in the country.

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