Natraj Market- Mumbai Suburb

Market Speciality

Being one of the oldest shopping destination near Malad station exactly opposite the mall, Natraj market has always been fist choice when it comes to shopping cosmetics, Punjabi salwar kameez, Dress Materials, Saree, Kids wear, Artificial Jewellery and more . Within locals this market is also referred as natraj shopping, the building is partially a residential complex with ground floor completely occupied as commercial shops. Other shopping items available for shopping here are Gold, Silver and Artificial Jewellery, Steel and Other clay vessels, Cushions and curtains, Ladies handbags, Under garments and more.

Natraj Market Malad West

Shopping Experience

One of the good things about this market is that there are around 5 to 7 entry and exit points with lots of zig zag turns at every corner of shops which helps buyers to hangout and do window shopping if not purchasing to see all latest available products in market which are shown in transparent glass display.

Being famous but very old, natraj market do have some cons, the walk able gulli (lanes) inside are very narrow so need to take care while walking or chances are you will dash someone very easily. Another thing to be noted is that natraj is not centrally air conditioned, every shop has its own air conditioned installed and few even don’t, so the shopping experience during summer will not be so happy. When it comes to toilet facilities it does have but don’t expect something that you see inside malls like infinity 2 and inorbit at Malad.


Inside the market their is no options for snacks, the only options is Natraj restaurant on first floor. But if you are a street side foodie and like Mumbai’s famous junk available at Khaogalli’s then their is something for you.
when in evening you exit towards S V Road, their is a yummy bhejpuri and panipuri wala along with a Sandwich stall in opposite side and couple of restaurants around, so no worry about food at any time you plan your shopping around this location.

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